How It Works

The Basics

Pay for your everyday expenses and gifts with gift cards purchased from Fundscrip. Each purchase automatically includes a donation to Gregor’s Gift, and your gift cards work just like if you’d purchased them elsewhere!


Spend $100, Get $100

Your cards are worth what you pay for them! Simple as that.  You help Gregor’s Gift, and lose nothing – how sweet is that?!


Act Normal

Just shop as you normally would.  With over 230 retailers, there’s no need to adjust your shopping habits!


Pay with Gift Cards

Pay with your gift cards instead of credit/debit/cash.  Everytime you do, you’re helping to benefit Gregor’s Gift!


Raise Funds

Each purchase automatically includes a donation for your group that can quickly add up over time!

Simple, Right?

Just click here, or the “Start Now” button to get started today!
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